1BR Vinhomes Central Park L4 for rent, high floor, full

Landmark 4, Vinhomes Central Park, Tp.HCM

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Only need 17 million per month to stay in a 1-bedroom apartment in the most livable urban area in Tan Cang Vinhomes Central Park. High floor apartment with cool view at Landmark 4 (L4) next to Vincom LandMark 81 - the tallest building in Vietnam.

Apartment information:

  • Building/tower: Landmark 6 (L6)
  • Location: Vinhomes Central Park urban area - Landmark 81
  • Type of apartment: 1 bedroom, 1wc
  • Area: ~ 55m2
  • Floor space: High floor and airy

Vinhomes Central Park urban area is an ideal place to live and relax in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City with full world-class facilities in the Vingroup ecosystem: Vincom Landmark81, Vinmec Hospital, Vinschool education system, .. ..

LandMark81.net is committed to dedicated support for you to find a suitable house, answering all procedures and questions related to the apartment rental contract! Please contact now to rent/rent apartments with good prices in Vinhomes Central Park urban area with diverse areas of 1-2-3-4PN


  • Landmark 81 Tower - 208 Nguyen Huu Canh, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Rainbow Road 3 - Vinhomes Grand Park, Thu Duc City
  • Hotline: 08.994 88188

Urban Area Vinhomes Central Park & Vincom LandMark 81

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